Aqua Beach Wedding Theme

It seems a fitting shade of blue for a beach wedding - aqua brings a subtle tone and an easy charm to your ceremony. Paired with pale ivory, or alone and resplendent, we've put together a gallery to inspire your own special day.

Brown sugar starfish stand out against the delicate chiffon particularly well. As always, you can tailor your wedding or vow renewal with different elements to make up your dream aisle and ceremony venue. If you like the look of aqua but want even more of the blue, we have a gallery inspired by turquoise which brings the same azure hints, but with the volume turned up!

It's also easy to weave the aqua theme through your accessories and other parts of the day - aqua sashes on the chairs at the reception or a blue wedding cake (see the gallery for ideas).

With such a subtle color as the star, you can also try a daring color to accent the arch - our first picture features aqua chiffon with canary yellow sash accents. It's a great way to bring a real pop of color without distracting from the overall ethereal 'look and feel'.

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