Florida beach wedding themes – Seashells

A seashell-themed wedding gives so many opportunities to embrace the Florida shores and enhance your beach wedding with details to delight.

For a Florida wedding theme, seashells fascinate and inspire. The colors, the shapes, the beauty of these intricate masterpieces add flair and style to your Florida beach wedding.
From big conch shells to line the aisle, to delicate accents in lanterns, to the very vessels you will solemnly pour sand from at the unity sand ceremony, seashells can be an integral part of your day. To take the theme further, buttonholes and bouquets can be simply exquisite when shells are featured. Here are some of our favorites. They say you can hear the sea when you listen to a seashell, well the echo of the beach will stay with you forever after your perfect day on a sandy, shell-filled Florida beach.

Our popular 'spiral' seating arrangement was inspired by the inside of a seashell, as you walk around the curving spiral aisle, you pass each of your family and friends. They get a great view of your ceremony and then as a couple you again get to pass by everyone when the service has finished. Intimate and original, beach weddings can be crafted to your dreams. Let Suncoast Weddings guide you on this journey and we'll start planning your big day.


A Seashell themed wedding