Blessing Stones

Beach Wedding wishes - Blessing Stones Ceremony

florida beach weddings blessing stones ceremony


Tossing the blessing stones at a beach wedding echoes the gesture of throwing rice. At some point during the wedding or reception, each guest tosses a stone into the water with a blessing, wish, or prayer for the new couple. Couples can choose whether they wish the blessings to be silent or spoken aloud. The size of the wedding comes into play here: for a small wedding, blessings can be very meaningful and appropriate, while silent blessings may be a more practical choice for beach weddings with extensive guest lists. Blessing stones may be tossed immediately after the ceremony, at some point during the ceremony, or later at the reception. The blessing stones ceremony is a meaningful way to get everyone in the wedding party involved.


Blessing Stone History



Throughout history, stones have marked important events in the lives of people. The sites of important battles are marked with monument stones. The passing of a loved one is marked with stones of remembering.

florida beach weddings blessing stones ceremony

The modern symbol of the casting of the stone of blessing on the water has evolved. When a wish or blessing is made over a stone and cast into the water, the waves will wash the blessing back to person to be blessed. It is repeated over and over with the passing of each wave.




So here is my blessing for you both:

“May your love for each other grow deeper and stronger each time the wave strikes the shore!”

Then others may make a blessing and toss a stone.


florida beach weddings blessing stones ceremony