Let’s talk Chairs

When it comes to your guests, it can be as easy as telling us how many chairs you want .... or we can have some fun and be creative!

Florida Beach Wedding Seating - the Basics

Firstly - the chairs can be plain or they can match your theme with colored sashes or even burlap. Adding a chair cover also totally changes the ambiance of the setting and deepens the apparent shade of the sash as there is a crisp white background. For real drama, flowers on each chair or at the aisle are stunning.

Florida beach wedding style

Plain chairs with no sashes - here arranged in a stunning circular style to surround the arch

Aisle Chairs

Chairs along the aisle can be tied differently or we can decorate with handmade pieces to reflect your style and enhance the beach setting.

Florida beach wedding style

Mason jars with flowers ... simply beautiful, here shown against a burlap sash

Bamboo Chairs

For an elegant yet rustic vibe, we have bamboo chairs. Darker in color, they can still have sashes and they are a more decorative option.

Bamboo chairs for a beach wedding

Florida Beach Wedding Seating Plans

You have a choice and we have some options - depending on your location and how many guests you have we'd like to show you some of our favorites for an intimate Florida beach wedding on light sandy shores.

A spiral

Walk by each of your guests on the way to the aisle. Inspired by a seashell, this is a unique way to switch up the style and make the service unusual and memorable. For spiral, circular or curved seating, please add $50 to the base package price.

Florida beach wedding style

Inspired by the beauty of a seashell, the spiral aisle allows you to walk by family and friends on the way to the arch

Circular or Curved Seating

Less formal than straight lines, let your family and friends share the wonderful view with yourselves at the center of the action. For spiral, circular or curved seating, please add $50 to the base package price.

Florida beach wedding style

Seating arranged in a curved pattern around one side of the arch

Florida beach wedding style

Circular seating around the arch

Florida beach wedding chairs as Traditional Seating

If you like the traditional seating plan with two rows balanced on either side of the sandy aisle, we'll make it stylish! You then have the choice of traditional seating with families split on each side or - as two families are becoming one - guests can "pick a seat and not a side."

Florida beach wedding style

Traditional, forward facing seating


Angled Seating

Instead of chairs facing directly forwards in the more traditional manner, chairs can be angled inwards to more directly face the arch and the happy couple. Slightly more informal, this makes your ceremony space more intimate and focuses all eyes towards the action.

Florida beach wedding style

Angled seating with all eyes on the happy couple

The Big Dipper

We love this! Many thanks to Pam and Jeff whose Suncoast Wedding is pictured below. They were inspired by the legend of the Big Dipper and their arrangement of chairs mirrored the Big Dipper constellation. Unique, inspiring, symbolic and special - if you have 7 or 14 chairs, this is an option to consider.

Florida beach weddings

Just like the Big Dipper constellation!

Layered Sashes or alternating colors

If you are combining two theme colors at the wedding, the colors can alternate by chair, by row or we can even layer the sashes together and their colors blend as one. Florida beach wedding chairs can reflect your individual style and make a colorful addition to your ceremony site.

Florida beach wedding themes

Sash colors alternating by chair

Florida beach wedding themes

Sash colors alternating by row

Florida beach wedding style

Layered sashes with two themed colors blending

Chairs for your Florida beach wedding reception

Continue your theme through to your reception - either choose the same colors or switch it up, the choice is yours. Indoors or outdoors, the chairs can be tailored to your vision.

Indian Rocks beach wedding reception

Indian Rocks beach wedding reception


A Gallery of Chairs

If you're still looking for chair ideas and inspiration, here is a gallery of different styles and colors.