Garden Weddings

Just because you're surrounded by beaches, you're not limited to a sandy wedding! If you want a garden wedding, let us recreate the 'look and style' amid the lush greenery for a totally different vibe and ambiance.

Any color combination works, but with the backdrop of rich green, we've found shades of blue look particularly striking. We can supply colored sands to perform the unity sand ceremony so you capture the Florida beach magic without being on the shore. This setting is also perfect for a vow renewal, especially if you want an extended service or party immediately to follow. If you're lucky enough to have your own property here, we'll set up in your garden and then you can reminisce every day as you look out.

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Galatea Garden Weddings

If you want a stunning backdrop, nearby Galatea Gardens would be perfect. This beautifully maintained South Pasadena park is on a first come, first serve basis – there are no reservations required and no fees.  There is a banquet hall (Hibiscus Hall room) in the City Hall at 7047 Sunset Drive that can be rented.  (about one block away and perfect for a reception).
The address is 7015 Sunset Dr S, South Pasadena, FL 33707 and this is a hidden gem.

Tom McKenney Park Weddings

For a garden setting next to the stunning intercoastal waters, Tom McKenney Park is for you! Located at 9300 Blind Pass Road, St Pete Beach, FL 33701, this park offers a waterfront venue with ample space and parking. Your wedding can be set up to directly front the intercoastal where dolphins, manatees, and rays frequently pass by.  There is also a picnic pavilion. The best of both worlds ... a lush garden to enjoy with all the amenities plus a water view hard to beat. The park is also very close to some great restaurants to consider celebrating in with a wedding dinner to follow. The park can be reserved as follows: Fees are cheaper for local residentsWe can help you reserve the park and can create your wedding of your dreams

Florida garden weddings

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