Handfasting - to literally 'tie the knot'

Hand fasting - tie the knot

Across the centuries and across cultures, the symbolic tying of hands is one of the oldest matrimonial traditions. In everyday speech, we recognize "tying the knot," "bonds of matrimony" and "hand in marriage", all of which derive from ancient traditions of twisting the bride's and groom's clothing together or wrapping their wrists with braided cords, grasses or vines.

Today, the handfasting ceremony can be a part of your Suncoast wedding, incorporating an age-old tradition with your own vows or promises.

Traditions vary and the cords may be pre-woven or you can choose to let guests add their own ribbons to the cord to tie and keep forever as a reminder of the hopes and good wishes.

Hand fasting - tie the knot

However you choose to celebrate your special day, the day is all about you ... we'll work with you every step of the way through planning your special day, to it becoming a reality. 

Hand fasting - tie the knot

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