Florida beach wedding themes – Sunflowers

Florida beach wedding themes - sunflowers

sunflower beach wedding theme

Royal blue pairs particularly well with vibrant sunflowers

sunflower beach wedding theme

Sunflowers within our tropical Island Oasis

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Sunshine and a pop of brightness enrich and delight when sunflowers are a theme. Bright and dramatic, they provide warmth and style uniquely happy. From the chairs to tikis, to the arch to your bouquet, sunflowers are versatile and beautiful!
For a pop of bright, yellow sunshine throughout your day, sunflowers can be relied on to bring smiles and happiness. They can be a stunning floral swag above the arch or individually placed on chairs. The bouquet is sure to be a show stopper and the whole theme brightens up your day. The bright yellow petals stand out against the sandy beach, making a sophisticated style statement that is hard to beat.

sunflower beach wedding themes - sunflowers

Accent the arch and chairs

Sunflowers can be matched with shades of yellow or contrast nicely with shades of blue.
Sunflowers are an ideal theme because they are so vibrant, yet easily recognizable and familiar. Just for fun, here is our take on some sunflower trivia:

  • An anonymous buyer paid over $39 million in 1987 for Vincent van Gogh's Sunflowers.
  • Kansas is 'The Sunflower State'.
  • Sunflowers are also known as 'helianthus' which is derived from the Greek words for 'sun' and 'flower'.

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The Sunflower beach wedding theme by Suncoast Weddings

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