Unique Beach Wedding themes

unique Florida beach wedding themes

unique Florida beach wedding themes

May the force be with you

unique Florida beach wedding themes

Halloween theme


unique Florida beach wedding themes

Superheroes don't need capes every day

unique Florida beach wedding themes

The Incredible Hulk and Princess Leia together!

There are many advantages to having a beach wedding. One of them is the flexibility in choosing a theme and making the day even more personalized. From lightsabers on May 4th (May the force be with you!) to a pumpkin-lined aisle on October 31st, there are many themes that fit any day of the year. Here we share some of the unique Florida beach wedding themes we've been a part of.

From subtle superhero socks to brilliant costumes, the sky is the limit. Our featured image show just how magical a Florida beach wedding can be 🙂

We'll work with you and your theme inspiration to tie in elements of the decor, maybe recorded music to accompany the walk down the aisle, or you can let our photographer know what you have in mind and we'll make sure we capture the memory forever.

unique Florida beach wedding themes

We pride ourselves on not being a cookie-cutter beach wedding company. If you have an idea and need help with the logistics and local vendors, we have the local knowledge to make your vision into a reality. The day should be as unique as you are, we can help make that happen. If the packages don't look like a good starting point, we can build a beach wedding ceremony from scratch with select elements and customized decor. From 'under the sea' to a zombie best man (yes, really!), to dream catchers and unique vows, to recitals and surprise proposals, we have the experience to make it happen. 

Your Florida beach wedding planning begins with a call to Suncoast Weddings.  

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Unique Florida beach wedding themes by Suncoast Weddings

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